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Panoply Poodles
Panoply Poodles
Panoply Poodles

Sandy Blackstock

Hi, My name is Sandy Blackstock and I live in North West Alabama. I began breeding Toy Poodles in 2010, this is how it all got started.

It was Love at first sight the day I saw my first "Show Quality" Toy Poodle. New friends of mine had stopped by to visit and had brought with them, their Gorgeous little Black female Toy Poodle, that they lovingly called, "Twerp". Twerp was a Gorgeous little Black baby Girl, She had long beautiful legs, a pritty little narrow muzzle, precious dark almond eyes, with long fluffy ears, and a perfect little round puff ball of a tail.

I could not take my eyes off of her. I asked; where did you get her? She said that she had raised her from a puppy, and that she was a breeder. I had only known Her a short time, so I didn't know.

Now I had seen many poodles before, you know; the sweet little ones with short legs, and long bodys, and most of them a little chubby and "absolutly adorable", But I had never seen one like this, (except in pictures) she was "stunning, and Regal". I knew right then, I had to have one!

I was able to acquire one from Her next litter. " My very first AKC Registered Toy Poodle" " Tenley ," who is the "Love of my life" and I believe " Heaven sent ". Tenley is a half sister to Twerp. That is my Tenley at the top of the page in the middle between her parents.

It is because of her that I'm a Poodle Breeder today. When Tenley was around 5 to 7 months old, my Friend came over to visit , she told me she had decided to no longer breed Poodles and that she was going to sell all of her breeders to a lady in another state. I got so excited, and asked her to please sell them to me instead, so she did!

I got Tenley's Mom, "Sam" and her Dad, "Scooter Bug", ( Their Picture's are at the top of the Page) I also got her baby sister Macy May, along with a few others.

That was how my poodle family began. Since then I have been so blessed to be able to add, other's with amazing Bloodlines and Pedigrees to my Poodle family.

Poodle's are the smartest of all dog breeds, second only to the Border Collie. They are very attentive to their people, non-shedders, and hypoallergenic. I would love for everyone to get to experience the kind of Love, Joy and Comfort, that my Tenley and the others have given me, they are Truly " Little Blessing's from God ! " 🙂

"Contact Me"

Let me know what your heart is looking for, cuz

I have the sweetest poodle puppies for sale. If you are interested in one of my Pup's you can Email me at, or you can call or message me at, (256) 483-7503

All Puppies are priced as "Pets", which means no breeding. I do sometimes sell with Full Registration to approved breeders , for an additional fee,,, you are welcome to ask me about it. I accept PayPal or Venmo, or Walmart to Walmart money transfer for Deposits and payment. You must contact me first for the information to send deposit.

A $500.00 nonrefundable deposit will hold a Puppy for you, until it is old enough to leave their Mothers. The cost to Transport most puppies will be $350 to $600, depending on the size of the puppy, and the distance , Or you are welcome to come to my home to pick up your puppy, that way you can meet the parents. If that is not possible, because you live to far or haven't the time to drive here, I offer Ground or Air Nanny transport. I have Flight Nanny's , and ground Nanny's who can drive and deliver your Puppy to your door, or fly your puppy to your nearest magor Airport for a fee.

If you would like to see a pedigree just ask.

Thank You So Much, Sandy 🙂

Panoply's Health Guarantee

This is my Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement. Please Read, as this is what you are agreeing to when you purchase one of my puppies.

My puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale. The buyer has a 72 hour guarantee in which he/she is urged to have the puppy checked by a licensed Vet. (Business Days).

Please call me within this time frame. You will get a one year health guarantee of any congenital defects. I will issue a new puppy if yours is found to have a serious life threatening congenital defect (heart, liver or kidney) within the first year of purchase. I do not give cash refunds. (must have documentation from a qualified Vet). If the Vet finds anything seriously wrong with the puppy it will be exchanged for a similar pup at once or as soon as one is available. PROVIDING A LETTER FROM THE EXAMINING VET AND THE PUP IS RETURNED WITH IN THE 72 HOUR TIME PERIOD.

If buyer does not live locally he/she is to notify seller within a 72 hour time period to make arrangements for the return of the puppy. Once the puppy has cleared the initial Vet exam it will be understood that seller has provided a healthy pup and that the care of the pup is now in the hands of the buyer. Tiny Poodles are very fragile when they are young and should not me treated as children's toys. No exchange will be made after the 72 hour time period and no Vet bills will be refunded....

Puppies are exchanged in the first 72 hours
if all the following are met:

  • 1)

    The puppy is said to be unacceptable by a Vet within 72 hours of pickup.

  • 2)

    There must be a Vet written explaining the problem.

  • 3)

    The puppy must be returned alive within a 72 hour period.

  • 4)

    I do not exchange or guarantee puppies against Hypoglycemic problems (Low Blood Sugar)
    which is brought on by the stress of moving from my house to yours. This stress can ignite illnesses
    such as hypoglycemia or opportunistic parasites such as coccidia (dormant in most animals),
    giardiasis, etc. I also do not guarantee the puppy to be "worm-free". as this is an on-going process
    that, once the puppy is out of my control, this is the responsibility of the new owner.
    By taking ownership of one of my puppies you are agreeing to abide by the agreement.